About Ms Lollipop

Rosita Lollipop was started in 2003 by Ms Lollipop. She's quite the traveller. Born and bred in Toronto, Canada, moved to Bordeaux to study for a couple of years, then Paris where she lived and worked for 6 years, was whisked off to exotic Scotland by a handsome stranger, studied and worked in Edinburgh for 4 years, London for 1 and finally - Hitchin for nearly 11 years!


Film, music, art, languages, literature, theatre, travel, culture... all the things that I love and that are Rosita Lollipop. You'll understand once you've visited what makes this little shop tick.


These are a few of her favorite things :


Jazz - especially Oscar Peterson

Music - can't live without it

Cinema - especially film noir, 60s French Cinema, and commedy

TV - weened on it, Modern Family, Lilyhammer

The 40s - especially fashion

The 50s - especially the attitude and the etiquette

The 60s - especially the burning of bras and attitude

The 70s - especially the funk and punk

Art - especially the V&A and TATE Modern

Theatre - life is a stage

Literature - especially en francais

Languages - English, French, Italian

Travel - especially my current amazing hometown Hitchin...

And most of all - love, inother words, my family x



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